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The Korean fir is a handsome plant on its own with weird dark green needles that recurve to show the white undersides. This slow grower eventually becomes a small tree but takes many years. The cones are held upright and complete a beautiful picture.

Size :1 gal. - $32.00
Size : - $65.00


This flowering dove tree came from Sonoma Horticultural Nursery. The original tree had exceptional bracts and luckily the owners got it out into the nursery business. Bracts are 8-10" long and the grafted plants will bloom at 18 inches tall. Any of the plants we are selling can bloom next May. Because of the grafting and scarcity, these plants are limited and high priced.

Size :1 gal. - $85.00
Size :2 gal. - $120.00


We've grown only the finest of our natives and this is one of the best. Garrya elliptica is a native from the Oregon coast south to Central California. The Saratoga Horticultural Foundation named this excellent cultivar for its tassels that are up to 12 inches long. The evergreen foliage is wavy and rustles in the wind. Garrya 'James Roof' climaxes its season in February-March when the tassels are like icicles.

Size : 1 gal. $26.00


We are still amazed at the sales of this yellow magnolia. We have sold M. 'Elizabeth' for 30+ years. This is still one of the finest of any yellow magnolias.

Size : 1 gal. $60.00


Our most recommended magnolia, especially for the small garden. This excellent large shrub-small tree flowers late April - August 1. The flowers are ivory white with red stamens. The pendant flowers are followed by brilliant pink seed pods like little lanterns. Overall, one of the most beautiful plants we grow.

Size : 1 gal. $35.00


Can't be sent to CA, FL, HI. During summer this amazing pine is dark green and in late October- November suddenly (1 week) will change to a lovely golden yellow. During winter P. 'Chief Joseph' will be a beacon of golden color. In spring our eastern Oregon native will turn back to green. Very rarely offered but P. 'Chief Joseph' is worth the expense.

Size : 2 gal. $80.00

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