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We are here ready for another year. The plants are inventoried and the boxes are ready. All we need is for all of you to pick out your favorites and let us fulfill your plant needs and the holes in your landscape. As always we have a number of new and exciting varieties to offer along with some old favorites that have been absent from the lineup for several years.

I thought I might start with the annual what's up with the Gosslers section this year. The reason for that is it has been a tough and crazy 12 months since we last talked. For those of you new to the catalog, this is a normal part of the catalog and we have many longtime customers who always want the updates. The reason for my saying that is this year's update is not all warm and fuzzy as many of the past years have been. Last November Pierce ended up in the hospital for 12 days with five of those spent in ICU! After suffering many misdiagnoses, he ended up having a rare condition called RVCS. This condition occurs when most of the blood vessels in the brain go into spasm, and this can become very serious! Fortunately, he was treated with medication on a short-term basis, and the blood vessels returned to normal without surgery. Long term, if he avoids the triggers like someone with allergies, he should not have it happen again. Now for Marj: it would take several pages to describe all she went though, so here is the short version: Surgery in February caused an infection to cross over into her blood. This caused her to become septic. Treatment for the infection required 6 weeks of IV antibiotics 5 times a day, but the infection could not be treated without surgical removal of her pacemaker that had been in for 7 years (not an easy surgery by the way). Also the infection damaged her aortic valve to the point that it needed replacement. The damaged valve caused her go into severe congestive heart failure. Overall, the recovery process took 8 weeks in Riverbend hospital involving 5 different cardiac procedures and at least 6 cardiac surgeons. They removed the pacemaker, treated the infection, placed a new pacemaker on the other side of her chest, and replaced her aortic valve through her femoral artery. We also had a team of kidney and infectious disease doctors involved because she kept flirting with kidney failure and other infectious diseases as well. Now for the next item on the list: Dawn had a complete hip replacement on June 2. Turns out, her hip joint was not shaped correctly from birth which caused it to wear out completely.

So that is our year so far! Now for the updates, Pierce has been river guiding full time on many of the more famous rivers in the northwest, including the McKenzie, Rogue, Clackamas, Santiam, Deschutes, and the Salmon river in Idaho. He seems to love the guiding and is off again this week headed back to the Salmon river. Marj was really close to not being here with us on several occasions but thanks to a number of new procedures and some good doctors she has made a comeback. She is still improving every day and looks forward to resuming some of her old hobbies. Her current goal is to be able to bowl in her league this fall and winter. We have retired her from the office work here-- we figured at 88 she could retire. Dawn is doing well on her new hip. It has been frustrating for her not to be able to ride horses for a year! But the physical therapist and doctor think she should be back in the saddle again sometime this winter. Roger is headed to Philadelphia in late September to lead a small tour group through some wonderful gardens in the area. As for me, I just hope next year's introduction is back to the warm and fuzzy fluff as it normally is.

One of the last things I would like to do is apologize to anyone who had problems during the fall or spring. We were doing the best we could to juggle everything but we did have some problems. So right now we are in the process of building a completely new website and invoicing system. This should make life easier for all of us so look for this to be in place sometime in October of 2017. Also if you call please leave a detailed message, and we promise to get back to you ASAP. If you e-mail us and for some reason do not get a response, please call us and we will answer any question you have. We are here to help you and we want all of our customers to enjoy their experience with us.

We were unable to hold our annual dinner this year due to the mess we had. We are hoping to get back on track in 2018, so if you attended the dinners in the past, start checking with us in the spring and we will be trying to get information out on the 2018 dinner.

I would like to extend special thank you to Nancy, Lu & Hearne, Diana and many others who visited Marj and helped us here during all of Marj's problems. There are many others who gave a helping hand and helped us keep juggling the balls during this trying time with both Pierce and Marj. So to all of you THANK YOU!!!

We have only two employees that are not family and we would like to say thank you to Wayne Headlee, the best nursery worker and neighbor we could ever hope to have. We would also like to thank Lisa Sebright for her help in the office: she gave extra time during Marj's absence and it really helped us out.

In conclusion, we look forward to seeing many of you here at the nursery and also look forward to seeing the old familiar names on the boxes going out. Thank you for all your support and let's make the world a greener happier place one plant at a time.

We hope to see or hear from you all soon. Thank you for your business.