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We've updated the catalog and the website's plant entries!
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Another year has gone by and it is time again for our catalog to help usher in the fall and the New Year. We have been working on inventory and organizing everything so that we can be sure we are offering you the best selection of unusual plants possible. You'll be able to download the new catalog very soon.

For those of you not familiar with Gossler Farms Nursery here is some background. Our family has been in the Springfield area for 120 years and have farmed this area for most of that. In recent history, we were corn and peppermint farmers. Over time there was an interest in ornamental plants in the family and as time passed there was an effort to increase the size of our garden and collection. To do this we began selling bare root street trees around the Eugene and Springfield area. Then in the mid 1960's we produced our first catalog and began shipping our plants around the country. The nursery remained a side business to the farming until 1985 when we quit farming and established the nursery as our primary operation. Since then we have expanded our offering each year and continue to offer a large number of new material each year while remaining loyal to some of our traditional materials.

Featured Plants

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The Korean fir is a handsome plant on its own with weird dark green needles that recurve to show the white undersides. This slow grower eventually becomes a small tree but takes many years. The cones are held upright and complete a beautiful picture.


This flowering dove tree came from Sonoma Horticultural Nursery. The original tree had exceptional bracts and luckily the owners got it out into the nursery business. Bracts are 8-10 inches long and the grafted plants will bloom at 18 inches tall. Any of the plants we are selling can bloom next May. Because of the grafting and scarcity these plants are limited and high priced.


Our most recommended magnolia, especially for the small garden. This excellent large shrub-small tree flowers late April - August 1. The flowers are ivory white with red stamens. The pendant flowers are followed by brilliant pink seed pods like little lanterns. Overall, one of the most beautiful plants we grow.